More followers, more sales, more clicks.

Making creative videos with a real purpose.


We’re guessing that you’ve arrived here because you’re thinking about having a video made. We know how difficult it can be choosing who you’re going to work with – after all, you’re purchasing something that doesn’t yet exist. You’ll need to trust the production company you choose to be able to deliver exactly what you need. We stand by our record and know that once you start working with us you’ll have the reassurance of a choice well made.

What makes Module1 different?

How many promotional videos do you think you’ve watched in the last few months, and how many of those can you remember? Most of the video content out there is poorly thought out, misdirected and ineffective. We don’t make those kinds of videos.

At Module1 we bring cinema quality video to business. We take a different approach to video production and put your goals at the centre of our process. We specialise in engaging and effective videos. Whether it’s bringing your product to life, showing how technology works, covering a music event or shooting a fashion show, we simply get the job done.

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Our team has over 15 years experience in photo, video and marketing taking you all the way through a bespoke process that adress your needs. Put simply, we know how to make media marketing work for your business.


Great looking wallpaper is still just wallpaper. We create work that delivers your business objectives. It not only looks great, but more importantly it delivers the right message to the right audience.


At the core of everything we do is a belief in powerful ideas. We’re driven by a ceaseless desire to tell stories in the most creative way possible so your work stands out.


Our customers come back to work with us again because our ethos of trust and openness makes us great to work with. We won’t baffle you with jargon, we won’t let you down on a deadline and our pricing is open and fair.


At Module1 we love working together as a team of creative people. We also love to foster the same great relationships with our clients so we can create outstanding work.


Tight deadlines, challenging conditions and complex messages are all things we tackle on a daily basis. Our team approaches every job with energy and passion and we’re only happy when we exceed expectations.